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Emraw Pre Sharpened Round Primary Size No 2 Jumbo Pencils for Preschoolers, Elementary Kids - Pack of 8 Premium Fat Pencils

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✓ VERSATILE WIDE APPLICATION: Suitable for kids, boys girls, teens, adults. Perfect for students in kindergarten school exam or college, teacher in classroom and general use: workshops, corporate office, meeting, sketching, writing, drawing. ✓ EASILY ERASABLE - MAKES DO-OVERS A BREEZE: Unwanted marks are easy to erase, offers clean corrections without tearing the paper. Soft, non-smudge rubbers are effective to erase marks completely and will not leave any residue behind. ✓ CLASSIC YELLOW BARREL WOOD-CASED PENCILS: Premium pencils made from high-quality wood for easy clean sharpening, 3.25 mm thick break-resistant graphite lead requires less sharpening, produces dark long-lasting, readable, consistent strokes. ✓ SUPERIOR NATURAL GRIP AND FEEL: Rounded triangular wooden casing blends ergonomic design for kids small hands in mind that allows your beginner writer a firm grip to comfortably hold and practice to write, scribble or tracing for hours. ✓ PACK OF 8 NUMBER 2 PRESHARPENED BEGINNERS PENCILS: Emraw round sharpened pencils set contains 2 packs of 4 general no.2 hb pencils with latex-free rubber erasers top, total 8 primary size yellow preschool pencils, good for little hands.
Emraw Pre-Sharpened #2 HB Wood Pencils - Pack of 8 Pre-Schoolers Pencils Looking for pencils for kid, office or every day general purpose repetitive use Tired of pencils that do not sharpen well Disappointed having broken leads repeatedly Or, looking for pencils that require less sharpening and lasts longer Search no further, Emraw num 2 jumbo pencils pack have you covered. You just found the best deal. You will love them. Just the right size for pre-kindergarten toddlers. Perfect for elderly hands having difficulty grasping smaller items. Each pencil is pre-sharpened so you can literally pick straight from the box and start using. HB (no2) hardness grading with thicker leads make them perfect for most types of writing or sketching. Made of high quality non-toxic cedar wood so they sharpen nicely with any quality dual-holed hand sharpener or adjustable electric sharpener, (not compatible with standard pencil sharpener). Rounded circular shape offers an effortless, fatigue-free writing experience. Big ultra-smooth graphite core does not break easily, helps kids to grip securely, write smoothly and build language and motor skills. Applying normal pressure kids can wipe away mistaken strokes without a lot of effort. The soft, non-smudge rubbers are effective to erase completely and will not leave any pink residue behind after erasing unwanted marks. The eraser on top is held strongly with a ferrule and will not loosen easily, that keeps an eraser always in hand throughout its lifespan. Use or gift these pencils to use in the classroom, work, or home for anything from keeping lists, making notes, sketch first drafts, brainstorm campaign ideas, filling in answers on an exam, coloring books as a highlighter, quick sketches of diy carpentry projects, solving sudoku or crossword puzzles. Best N.2 Woodcase Pencils Supplies for You, Your Children, Students, Family, or Workmates, Order Now!!!

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